Powerful e-Commerce extensions for building awesome Webflow Stores

Weedle provides the apps you need to build amazing e-Commerce stores on webflow. No more migrating to other platforms to build small or large scale stores. Weedle is like the WooCommerce for Webflow.

Sell Anything on Webflow

Weedle provides the missing piece in Webflow e-Commerce so you can focus on running your business and not hacking tools together for features you need. Wether you are a small or large store, our extensions can help you handle things like robust product configurations, printing shipping labels, marketing, loyalty & rewards and so much more.

Powerful Extensions

Take secure payments in multiple currencies including crypto, Robust product configurations, shipping and tax, marketing and so much more. Weedle is building a library of powerful extensions that can help you get the best out of your Webflow store with ease. Focus on great customer service and experience and let us take care of the rest.

Build Any Store

Wether yours is a dropshipping store, digital or physical goods store, appointments, Weedle has you covered. Using our extensions you can build any kind of store you want right on Webflow and extend its functionalities. No more exporting your site just because you can't find what you need to build your store.


You have full control over all extensions right from your Weedle Dashboard. Export data, view usage, configure extensions, see analytics on data that matters and so much more.

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